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Heating Systems

In floor radiant floor heating is incredibly useful, comfortable and environmentally friendly when designed and installed correctly.  When installed incorrectly, however, it can be uncomfortable, inefficient and lose its environmental friendliness.  When deciding on a radiant heating system, one should take into account many variables, the first of which is the type of system and fuel that will best fit your needs.


Residential remodeling

Bathroom remodeling means different things to different people. No matter what it means to you, if you are in the New York area, we can make your bathroom into the haven you’ve always wanted.

The first thing you want to do before you begin your bathroom remodeling project is decide what it is that you want to change. Will new faucets and fixtures be enough to change the look and feel of your bathroom? What about increasing your ventilation? Of course, chances are you are remodeling your bathroom for yourself, to make it a comfortable place to be. But did you know that when your bathroom remodeling project is finished, it can actually add value to your home and who couldn’t use such a boost, especially in today’s economy? From top to bottom, we can make your bathroom a place you will be able to relax in. Midwood Emergency Plumbing and Heating provide bathroom remodeling in New York.