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Heating Systems

In floor radiant floor heating is incredibly useful, comfortable and environmentally friendly when designed and installed correctly.  When installed incorrectly, however, it can be uncomfortable, inefficient and lose its environmental friendliness.  When deciding on a radiant heating system, one should take into account many variables, the first of which is the type of system and fuel that will best fit your needs.


Leak detection and repair

Leak Detection is a division of Midwood Emergency Plumbing and Heating providing water and natural gas line testing, inspections and leak detection using the latest technologies in the New York areas. We offer our services both to residential and commercial clientele and have been providing Midwood Emergency Plumbing and Heating services for over years. We have a few different ways to detect leaks in different materials and environments. With all of our leak detection services, there are different methods and equipment used.

Using state of the art technology and well trained experienced plumbers, we can locate and identify the source of any water leak within plumbing material. This can be commercial plumbing in factories or apartment complexes or residential plumbing in houses. It can be exposed, hidden, in concrete or underground, wherever it is, we will find it. Please don't hesitate to call your hometown plumbers at Midwood Emergency Plumbing and Heating.